Fumoso Industrial is a family owned company leader in the production of expandable polystyrene raw materials. It was established in 1965 at early days of EPS – Since then we achieved a broad knowledge, experience and proprietary technology in our field. We have customers and partners worldwide and a 18.000 m² modern production facilities.

Logotipo drenotube

  • 1965  We started in 1965, in a small plant located in Cornellá de Llobregat, Barcelona producing EPS molded parts.
  • 1972  Automatic EPS molding Plant – Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona Packaging and decorative items.
  • 1998  Gassing technology for the production of expandable raw materials – Parets del Vallés,Barcelona. Loose-fill sold under Span-Pack® trademark Recycling of expanded polystyrene
  • 2012  Production of drenotube® subsurface drainage and infiltration pipe systems.
  • 2020  New plant of 11,000 m2 for the production of the drenotube® drainage and infiltration system in Girona, Spain


Polymer recycling technology. From expandable polymer resin raw materials to the final product development.


Working together in the same direction, Developing ideas, Solving difficult questions. Listening to our Customers and Suppliers.


Continuously redesign and Improvement of Equipment and Processes. Propietary technology. Optimization. Automation. Testing and Energy savings.


Marketing advanced Quality products. Providing customer service. Delivering performance. Protecting the Environment.


To develop more efficient and ecological drainage products. Reducing the exploitation of quarries. Recycling thousands of EPS Tons per year.

We manufacture products in which all our components are 100% recyclable contributing in a responsible manner with the society and environment.