Drenotube® Agricultural Drainage

Agricultural drainage is essential to ensure the success of any  field used for agriculture purposes, from farms to vineyards we have an extensive experience with all type of agricultural projects. By controlling excess water in the soil, we can optimize growing conditions, increase crop quality and mitigate risks associated with excessive moisture, such as soil quality deterioration and disease proliferation.

Our product

drenotube® system ref: DR

Available in:

  • Ø 300mm | 370mm Overall outside diameter (including synthetic gravel)
  • |<—>| 3m | 6m Lengths
  • Traceability card in each unit
  • 1 Connection fitting Included in each unit




  • Preassembled modular system 3 in 1 that offers a versatile and efficient solution for managing stormwater on sports fields
  • No gravel needed
  • High quality products and quality controls
  • Avoids environmental impact of aggregate quarrying
  • Quick installation and no heavy machinery needed
  • Light weight and easy to hand-carry into position
  • It provides long-lasting and reliable performance, maintaining the structural integrity of the drainage system over time
  • By eliminating the need for gravel and avoiding the extraction of aggregates, drenotube significantly contributes to reducing environmental impact, promoting more sustainable and responsible construction practices
  • Reduces labour risk
  • Certificated drainage system. CE | FDES
  • Efficiency and assurance of preasembled product placement
  • Ease of product entry in sites with access dificulties
  • Flexible and able to contour around corners or other obstacles
  • It withstands extreme weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance under various meteorological conditions, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of sports fields throughout the year
  • It facilitates regular maintenance of sports grounds by ensuring efficient drainage, thereby reducing the need for costly interventions and extending the lifespan of the infrastructure

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