drenotube® advantages

drenotube®:  Advantages comparing with classical French Drain



·   Superior water flow rate and higher storage capacity.

·   Test and certificates for the finished product and all components are available to our customers (Compressive strength, creep in compression, ageing, flow capacity, etc.)

·   Product has been monitored and evaluated on-site and approved through most US States since 1991 with thousands of installations in use.

·   CE approval  ETA number 15/0201



· Quick and easy installation without skilled labour.

· No trucks or heavy equipment are needed to bring the product to the construction site.

· Secure handling. Its lightness entails no labour risk.

· Faster installation. Placement rate 10 meters per minute. Joined with a rapid click fit connection.

· It is clean and fines free.

· Ability to contour along sloped sites and around trees, corners or other obstacles.

· Pre-assembled modules provides entire on-site implementation. Central pipe is surrounded by uniform thickness of aggregate throughout the way. The geotextile filter is perfectly                 centered.

· Lightweight system is perfect for repairs and tight job sites. About 100 times lighter than gravel. It can be installed quickly with limited site disruption.

· Two diameters available to meet most installation needs.



· Saves time, money and avoids trouble-shooting.

· Easier and cheaper transport.

· Easily hand-carried into position reducing time and labor.

· Reduces the volume of excavation.

· No gravel is needed. Easier cleanup at job site with the elimination of stone.



· All components are recyclable.

· Durable. Expected life span of all components is over 50 years.

· Avoids environmental impactof aggregate quarrying, preserving the landscape.

· Manufactured from post-industrial recycled environmentally friendly materials.


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