Why is drainage needed?

Subsurface drainages in cultivated fields help to improve crop production, growth control or appereance of the vegetation. Contribution to the improvement of the vegetation cover is done in different aspects.


  • Firstly, a well performing drainage system increases the root zone aeration, enabling better root respiration and, therefore, greater physiologic activity. Having plants with healthier and more active roots, will result in a greater and better development of the crop. During year periods with great rainfalls, with an undrained soil, the roots are permanently in water-saturated medium, which reduces its activity. When rainfalls diminish and the soil is no longer saturated, then the plant can acceletrate its growth. However, a lot of time has been wasted because the plant has not grown up to all his potential. In many places, this situation can happen most of the year. In contrast, with a well performing drainage system the same crop develops the whole year, regardless of rainfalls. In agriculture, a better root aeration has positive effects on vegetal production; in sport fields or gardens, the grass will achieve a greener and fresher appearance.


In second place, efficient drainage enables proper elimination of soil salts. The presence of these salts in the soil is a consequence of frequent irrigation. Irrigation water contains a great quantity of salts. Salinization of soils is specialy pronounced during long droughts and high temperutares, when it’s necessary to irrigate daily. Over time and  repetitive irrigation, the salts hinder the growth of the crop. To eliminate them great rainfalls are needed or also irrigations with more quantity of water than the needed by the crop to dissolve the salts, discharging the soil. This process is called leaching. The application of DRENOTUBE® entails a proper leaching process.


In third place, introducing DRENOTUBE® gives more harvest security when floodings or heavy rainfalls happen. Poor water drainage capacity of fields means a high probability of flooding when large inputs of water occur. Moreover, once the field is flooded, if there is no drainage, it is very difficult to dry the field. The greater the number of days that the field is flooded, further reduction of the harvest results. The production cut depends on crop type and the number of days that the field is flooded.


Applying DRENOTUBE® in the soil definitely contributes to rapidly draining it when there’s a great input of water and reducing this way, the production decrease due to floodings.


In fourth place, a proper drainage system prevents the continous presence of water; consequently it is a tool for the control of fungus or viral deseases. Therefore, proper drainage contributes to better crop health.


All the contributions of DRENOTUBE® lead to a higher crop yield and a lower risk to potential losses in case of floodings.



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