Road Drainage Works



drenotube®  DR370L6 is a pre-assembled drainage system to:

• Minimise the envi­ron­men­tal impact of road runoff on the receiv­ing water surrounding environment.

• Ensure the fast removal of sur­face water to enhance safety and min­imise dis­rup­tion to road users.

• Max­imise the longevity of the road sur­face and asso­ci­ated infrastructures.


Water has a damaging effect on road pavements and therefore needs to be evacuated through surface, transverse and underground drainage systems. The adverse effects are numerous; entrainment and fines expulsion, accelerated structural failure in pavements and shortening their useful life. The major drainage element in a pavement is its sub-base layer while the major drainage medium for ground water consists of both longitudinal and transverse drainage ditches.



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