Golf Courses

drenotube® drainage system uses the time-proven principle used in gravel systems for golf course drainage while eliminating the problems inherent with using gravel, clogged drainpipes and mower blade damage.

Gravel can contain fines, which shorten the active life of the system. The new geo-synthetic aggregate is fine-free and offers 40% additional void space for greater water flow.

drenotube® provides the necessary  soil particle filtering to prevent drainpipe clogging. The geotextile barrier fabric eliminates clogging problems associated with sock pipe, giving your system a longer life.

The pre-assembled 6 meter sections allow a quick and easy installation, while assuring a consistent aggregate level in the trench. Additionally, a very important feature of the drenotube® system is the elimination of loose gravel on your golf course. drenotube® systems are ideal for fairway and greenside bunkers, draining wet areas around the course, and for installation of drainage systems on both new or rebuilt greens.

If a problem with a bunker or wet area develops on your course, that could delay or interrupt play,  and the simple solution for a quick and lasting repair is the drenotube® system. Repairs can be made in hours rather than days and there is no loose gravel to damage mower blades.


                                                                                                 Real Federación Española Golf - Madrid



                                                              Above pictures by Courtesy of Lindner Suisse GmbH  -  Golf und Country Club Schönenberg


The installation of a sub-surface drainage system has to ensure the longevity of sports fields and golf courses. Sports fields generally require a greater concentration of sub-surface drainage pipe installed at shallow depths; golf course fairways, bunkers and greens also require intensive irrigation and drainage.

These are all suitable applications for drenotube®


An example of flooded golf courses:



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