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Soil Drainage & Infiltration

drenotube® is a factory assembled modular unit that can be used for both underground drainage or soil infiltration.

No gravel is needed.

Logotipo drenotube

drenotube® is a geocomposite that offers solutions for soil drainage. Preassembled drainage segments consist of a double wall slotted corrugated pipe surrounded by a geosynthetic aggregate enclosed in a high strength polyethylene netting that is clamped to both ends of the pipe. Includes a fabric geotextile filter in between the netting and aggregate.

drenotube® can be applied to all types of longitudinal drainage, in agriculture, landscaping and public works, sports fields, golf courses, gardens. Drainage of retaining walls, support structures covering tunnels, abutments, building foundations.

Geotextile Filter

Front View

Drainage: Slotted corrugated 6 rows

Infiltration: 3 rows perforated Ø 15 mm

Available in two diameters and SN4 or SN8 ring stiffness grades to meet most installation needs.

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