Drenotube® Sports fields

Drenotube® is responsible for managing and directing excess water in all types of sports fields, including football fields, golf courses, softball fields, baseball fields, rugby fields, racetracks, and more. Regardless of the surface type—whether it is natural grass, artificial turf, or sand—Drenotube® ensures an effective drainage system to keep the terrain in optimal conditions, thus providing a conducive environment for sports practice.

A soil with a deficient drainage system retains moisture both on the surface and in its depth, which can result in puddling, terrain deterioration, or other inconveniences during sports events.

Our product

drenotube® system

Available in:

  • Ø 300mm | 370mm Overall outside diameter (including synthetic gravel)
  • |<—>| 3m | 6m Lengths
  • Traceability card in each unit
  • 1 Connection fitting Included in each unit




  • Preassembled modular system 3 in 1
  • No gravel needed
  • High quality products and quality controls
  • Avoids environmental impact of aggregate quarrying
  • Quick installation and no heavy machinery needed
  • Light weight and easy to hand-carry into position
  • Reduces labour risk
  • Certificated drainage system. CE | FDES
  • Efficiency and assurance of preasembled product placement
  • Ease of product entry in sites with access dificulties
  • Flexible and able to contour around corners or other obstacles

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