Gravel-less Drainage

drenotube® preassembled drainage segments consist of a double wall slotted corrugated pipe surrounded by a geosynthetic aggregate enclosed in a high strength polyethylene netting that is clamped to both ends of the pipe.
There is a fabric geotextile filter in between the netting and aggregate. The fabric is used to prevent soil intrusion.


As all pre-formed products, drenotube® is subject to strict quality controls in the industry. Drainages carried out on site possess major susceptibility of having constructive faults since they depend mostly on the workers' skill degree.


drenotube® weight makes its transport and handling easier, allowing a quick and easy installation without skilled labour.

Its lightness entails no labour risk.

No trucks or heavy equipment are needed to bring the product to the construction site.

drenotube® drains are 100 times lighter than gravel.


• Lower risk of suffering long floods on roads, forest tracks, sport fields, landscaped zones, golf courses.
• Greater groundwater flows control and prevention of pollution diffusion in dumps.
• Greater groundwater level control.
• Dissipation of hydrostatic pressure in underground structures.
• Lower incidence of water damage in underground structures.
• Greater concrete durability.
• Infiltration as a waste water bio-treatment.

All in One

Traditional French drain:

Manoeuvres are needed to execute traditional gravel drainage (French drain)

    1.- Place the geotextile.

    2.- Distribute and extend the gravel.

    3.- Fix the pipe.

    4.- Extend gravel again.

    5.- Close the geotextile.


All in one system drenotube®:

Only one step is required: its placement. Modules are 3 or 6 meters long, making the construction process 4 times faster.


Bundles are flexible and can fit in curved trenches as it may be necessary to avoid trees, boulders, or other obstacles.


drenotube® units can be transported and installed by a single worker, saving costs.
The units easily join together with an external coupling to fit installation specifications precisely.
It's a modern solution to an old problem.


drenotube® is manufactured from recycled environmentally friendly materials.
More eco-balanced when compared with traditional French drain.
Subsurface water management system: Infiltration reduces the biological nitrification process in waste water purification.
Avoid arid extraction centers proliferation, preserving the landscape.

Reduces the volume of excavation when compared to traditional natural aggregate soakaways.



drenotube® can be installed in all kinds of longitudinal drains, either in agriculture, landscaping or public works: sport fields like pitch & golf courses, gardens, retaining walls, structures of cut-and-cover tunnels, bridge abutments or building foundations.
It is also used for bio-treatment plants & septic drainfields.




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