Drenotube® Buildings

Our drainage system applied in foundations is responsible for capturing and redirecting water until it is evacuated, aiming to prevent moisture in the building’s structure. This protects the building against any damage caused by stagnant water. With drenotube®, there is no need to add gravel or geotextile as both components are already included in the prefabricated system. A proper drainage of foundation can significantly contribute to the building’s durability.

Our product

drenotube® system ref: DR

Available in:

  • Ø 300mm | 370mm Overall outside diameter (including synthetic gravel)
  • |<—>| 3m | 6m Lengths
  • Traceability card in each unit
  • 1 Connection fitting Included in each unit




  • Preassembled modular system 3 in 1
  • No gravel needed
  • High quality products and quality controls
  • Avoids environmental impact of aggregate quarrying
  • Quick installation and no heavy machinery needed
  • Light weight and easy to hand-carry into position
  • Reduces labour risk
  • Certificated drainage system. CE | FDES
  • Efficiency and assurance of preasembled product placement
  • Ease of product entry in sites with access dificulties
  • Flexible and able to contour around corners or other obstacles

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