Drenotube® Non treated wastewater infiltration

If a house does not have access to sewage systems, it is necessary to opt for a non-collective sanitation solution. Conventional practice involves directing wastewater (from bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) to a slow sand filter, where the wastewater goes through an initial stage of settling into a septic tank.

For the efficient distribution of this wastewater, drenotube® can be connected to the outlet of the septic tank. Our system ensures a uniform distribution of water on the land, thus optimizing the sanitation process.

Our product

drenotube® system ref: IF

Available in:

  • Ø 300mm | 370mm Overall outside diameter (including synthetic gravel)
  • |<—>| 3m | 6m Lengths
  • 3 rows of slots with a diameter of Ø15 mm each slot
  • Traceability card in each unit
  • 1 Connection fitting Included in each unit

Rain Water


Treated Water

  • Preassembled modular system 3 in 1
  • No gravel needed
  • High quality products and quality controls
  • Avoids environmental impact of aggregate quarrying
  • Quick installation and no heavy machinery needed
  • Light weight and easy to hand-carry into position
  • Reduces labour risk
  • Certificated drainage system. CE | FDES
  • Efficiency and assurance of preasembled product placement
  • Ease of product entry in sites with access dificulties
  • Flexible and able to contour around corners or other obstacles

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